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Student Continues to Wear Broken Headphones on Locust to Avoid Conversation


Photo by Pexels / Public Domain

When Marina Walsh (W '20) sat on and broke her headphones in lecture last week, it wasn't the end of the world. "Lots of people might say cracked headphones sounds like the start to a really crummy day," she said. "But I looked at the bright side."

Marina said she re-purposed her headphones for something you might never expect from a Penn student: being anti-social and rude in a public setting. She strutted down Locust Walk that day, broken headphones on her ears to prevent anyone from talking to her. After all, she had to get to class on time, and didn't have a moment to dilly-dally. "I really just started wearing them as a fashion accessory," she said. "I paired it with some sunglasses so people REALLY couldn't engage with me."

Marina says that while she does miss listening to her music, headphones aren't that cheap and she doesn't plan on buying a new pair anytime soon.