This Guy's Whole Job Is Showing Professors How to Use Projectors


Photo by Pixabay / CC0

Not all heroes wear capes. Cory Sherman, an AV technician working at Penn, spoke to us about his job on an average day.

"I have extensive technical training. I'm available to help Penn students and staff with just about any technical difficulty they come across. Video, sound, or computer related. But I really only get the call for one thing: helping professors with how to turn on projectors in their lectures."

Cory was puzzled with the constant projector requests he receives, stating that time and time again, the same professors ask for help, not learning at a thing from what Cory taught them before. "It's really difficult telling a 60-year-old academic with four degrees that the solution to the problem is to 'just push the button,'" he told us. "If anyone has any tips on how to better phrase that, let me know."