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Health Rating at 1920 Commons Dining Hall Curved to an A


Photo by Sam Sedor / The Daily Pennsylvanian and Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain

We have exciting news from the University’s most beloved dining hall. As a result of Penn Dining's 30/40/30 curve, 1920 Commons had their Health Rating curved from a C- to a solid A!

After a county health inspector discovered a thriving colony of Malayan swamp rats under the stove in the 1920 Commons kitchen last year, employees started to tense up a little bit. One employee, Curtis Axel, said that “nobody thought we’d be pulling anything above a B+”. However, a series of fortunate events unfolded that shook things up.

First, salmonella broke out at Hill, and commons employees “started to believe that [they] might really be able to pull off the A”, according to Axel. Commons staff went into overdrive to get a good grade. Floors were washed hourly, products were cleaned thoroughly, and they ceased to use apples that were discarded by other dining halls, choosing to instead purchase fresh fruit. They even began to wash every single dirty plate, as opposed to their old policy of washing every third plate. 

And just last week, their resolve finally paid off. Following the controversy involving English House Dining Hall’s underground dog fighting ring, 1920 Commons entered the top 30% of the Dining Hall gradebook, giving them a well deserved A. Hats off to 1920 Commons for this impressive feat!