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Philosophy Major Fails Statistics, Doesn’t Know Probability of Getting Job


Photo: Pixabay

Senior Julie Bryson, (C '18), says her Intro to Statistics is her “least favorite class ever.” This might be because she is on track to fail.

Bryson is a Philosophy major and a strong believer in existentialism, the freedom to define one’s own meaning in life. “This stats class is just a stupid requirement and has no meaning in my life. So I never go.” Bryson says she believes all statistics are fake, anyway. “A steady income after graduation will just distract me from discovering who I really am.”

Will Stein, Bryson's TA, states that he has tried multiple times to get her to actually do her homework or write something on the paper other than “If events A and B are independent, why not let them make their own choice as to what their probability will be?”

Bryson’s advisor stated that she also had to sit Bryson down for a talk about how her F in Stats will prevent her from almost all job opportunities. This hit her hard. After learning about her bleak future, Bryson put all her thoughts into a blog post online and poured out her emotions at a slam poetry contest. She then started to take statistics seriously, calculating the probability of her parents supporting her for the rest of her life.