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7 On-Campus Restrooms You Can Totally Steal Toilet Paper From


Photo by Elya / CC 3.0 Unported

It's Thursday night when you realize: it was your turn to buy toilet paper this week, and.... you forgot. What now? CVS is closed, and even if it wasn't, you can't really afford to spend $16.99 on two-ply right now. So you consider the worst—running over to Chipotle and grabbing some napkins—but you realize that you still have some dignity left. Instead, you resolve to steal some TP from one of the many bathrooms on campus. We've compiled a list of the best commodes from which you can purloin toilet paper:

1. Any fraternity house on campus

Just make sure you get there within 45 minutes of the party starting; otherwise, there probably won't be any TP left.

2. Fagin Hall

Come on, no one's gonna believe you went all the way to Fagin just to steal some toilet paper. It's the perfect crime.

3. 3rd Floor VP

You get the whole bathroom to yourself, so take all the time you need wrangling the TP outta that dispenser. Just make sure you're able to sneak it past the guards downstairs.

4. 4th Floor VP

Surprisingly, these bathrooms also work.

5. 6th Floor VP

If you want to treat yourself.

6. LGBT Center

Sure, they have free printing– but did you know that the LGBT Center offers free toilet paper, too?

7. Bathroom across from Rodin rooftop lounge

Sometimes you don't wanna leave your dorm to get some fresh toilet paper. Well, you're in luck! All you have to do is wait 15 minutes to catch the elevator upstairs and grab some. Pro tip: Consider setting off a sprinkler as a distraction before you do the deed.