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Frat Throws Frat Themed Frat Party


Photo edited by MJ Kang, originals by Wicker Paradise (CC BY 2.0), Jbyoung15 (CC BY-SA 4.0), som3f00l (CC BY-SA 2.0)

It was getting close to Friday night and the mid-tier-and-rising fraternity, Rho Iota Chi (RICH), was running out of ideas for their next unregistered party. They had already exhausted their short list of themes throughout the year—the jersey party was, as the brother John, put it “a success, but the theme we had last week, and the week before that.”

“I don’t want a theme this week,” said the other brother, also named John, “let’s just wear normal clothes—boat shoes and salmon shirts--and call it a day.” The brothers nodded in agreement, but then Chad brought up a ground-breaking idea. “The only thing better than a party with no theme is a frat themed party.” The Locust chapter house erupted into applause, and got to work.

After 120 replies of “going” on their Facebook event, they knew that this party would be a success, increasing their chances to finally mix with OAX. The brothers gathered up all of their Natty Lites, American flag beer pong tables, and vineyard vines, scattering them disorderly around the room. “We just need some neon lights, and then we’re good.” 10:30pm couldn’t come any sooner.

The party seemed to be going well with groups only with 4:1 ratios there. However, after about 30 minutes, they heard police sirens and the Penn Police showed up to shut it down. Unfortunately, this was end of the Frat frat party. The brothers were disappointed but still determined. They agreed they would try again next weekend, but with a new theme. “What’s better than a frat themed party? A Penn Police themed party!”

Update one week later: The Penn Police party was not a success, and 12 members were charged with impersonating police officers, as well as serving unregistered drinks.