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Inspirational! Student Drops by Office Hours to Motivate His Classmates by Telling Them How Well He is Doing


The first midterm season is just about concluding, and students all over campus are stressing out about test results. For many strugglers, this entails extra studying and plenty of visits to office hours. However, there's often one outlier at these office hours: Engineering sophomore Arjit Hemad. Though he scored at least two standard deviations above the mean on all of the exams he took this year, he still shows up to all of his office hours just to rub it into his classmates' faces!

Upon arrival, he spares no time to ask what everyone got on the exam. In an inspiring effort to push his classmates to work harder, Hemad smugly lets them know how easy he thought the exam was. Even though he doesn’t need the additional help from office hours and leaves promptly after arriving, he still makes sure to speak loudly enough so that everyone at office hours gets the extra boost of motivation by hearing about the 98 percent he got. Talk about a peer who cares!

While other students are wasting time having fun and enjoying college, Hemad is making a concerted effort to ensure that the stragglers have an extra push to succeed. He makes time for every single course's office hours, purely out of the kindness of his heart, commenting that he “has to let everyone know who’s the big doggy dog on campus.” How motivational! Hemad is really holding his classmates up to the mantra, “Pressure makes diamonds," and they owe him big time for it.