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Medical Mystery: Penn Students Fifteen Times More Likely to Have ADHD Than National Average


Photo by Tony Webster / Flickr CC 2.0

A new study has unveiled quite the medical marvel in Penn’s student body: Penn’s students are fifteen times more likely to have ADHD than students at any other University. Students are quick to point out that having a disproportionate amount of students with ADHD forms an extremely tight-knit community. When studying in the library, if a student forgets their Adderall at home, all they have to do is turn to their neighbor and they can be sure that they’re covered. No need to feel embarrassed asking—it’s a total no-judgement zone. 

Those affected by ADHD make up just 5% of the nation’s population and could potentially feel out of place elsewhere. At Penn, though, there’s no shame in taking Ritalin in the middle of the library. Everyone does it!

When we reached out to Mike Rosencrantz of Penn’s Admissions Department, he proudly boasted about the active student body, commenting that “it’s as if the students just can’t sit still!” Way to go, Penn, for successfully creating an inclusive environment where students are welcomed with open arms for using amphetamines to study. We just hope local pharmacies can keep enough Adderall on the shelves!