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7 Sexy Halloween Costumes That Will Make Him Say "Aren't You Cold?"


Photo by emelec / CC BY 2.0

Halloweekend is just around the corner, and if you want to get into any party worth going to, you're going to need a costume. But any old ensemble won't do; you have to show a little skin to turn heads! Here are 7 sexy Halloween costumes that'll have your man googling "signs and symptoms of pneumonia" before you can even shout "trick or treat!"

1. Sexy French Maid

A white apron and some fishnets will instantly turn your little black dress into this classic bombshell look. Don't forget your feather duster! Because it's 45 degrees out here and your skin will be flaking off in sheets.

2. Sexy Hippie

Cut that tie-dyed t-shirt into a boobie-grazing crop top and let down your hair, flower child! Actually though, take what little natural warmth you can get because it's less than 50 degrees outside and you'll be at risk of developing hypothermia if you don't.

3. Victoria's Secret Angel

Now is the time to finally let the world know you have your shit together enough to own a matching bra and panty set. Victoria's lips may be sealed, but yours won't be; it is only 45 degrees outside and your teeth will be audibly chattering throughout the night.

4. Sexy Ghost

Turn the classic white sheet into a white-hot treat by trimming the hem to show off some leg. Say "BOO!" all you want, but nothing is going to be as scary as your pallid, goose-pimpled gams peeking out of that drape in this brisk 45-degree weather.

5. Sexy Eskimo

Unzip the furry hood from your parka and whip out the Uggs because you're about to enter the tundra! No, seriously, the weather forecast says it's going to be 45 degrees and feel like 38, and you'll be wearing a thong. Also, the Inuit don't wear Uggs, and you're being culturally insensitive. What were you thinking going out like this?

6. Sexy Cop

Put on your officer's hat and flash your gold badge. But your uniform won't be the only thing that's blue: it's a nippy 45 degrees out there and your lips will lose color fast. Can someone say "Freeze?"

7. Sexy Dean Furda

This one's a no-brainer: all you need is a red and blue scarf, your Penn pride, and nothing else! Luckily, Dean Furda didn't give your Penn application the cold shoulder, but your shoulders will be very, very cold, as it is 45 degrees outside.