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Sad! This Club's "Potluck Dinner" Really Just a Hodge Podge of Chip Varieties From FroGro

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When College junior Terrence Colton decided to spice up his club's monthly GBM by switching it to a potluck dinner instead, he had big plans for how it would turn out. "It's gonna be so great," he said. "Instead of just a boring PowerPoint slideshow, everyone's gonna bring their own dish, and we'll have a delightful meal of home-cooked goods!"

What ended up happening at the meeting was not what Terrence expected. He made and brought a macaroni salad, a roast chicken, and a homemade chocolate-banana souffle to the potluck. But every other member of his club just brought store-bought bags of chips from FroGro! Some of the chips were clearly marked on sale, having a nearly approaching expiration date.

Terrence was quite hurt that his clubmates didn't take the time and effort to make food for the potluck. "It's so clear to me that they stopped at FroGro five minutes before the potluck to buy food for it. And plus, a few people brought Fritos. Like, who even eats Fritos?!" Everyone just sat around, eating different chips for dinner, somehow hoping it would fill them up for a complete meal.

When we asked Terrence about whether he's planning on organizing another potluck, he told us he'd just stick to PowerPoint projections instead.