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Nice! Your Date Night Pics Are Here and Your Eyes Look Pretty Glazed Over


Photo by Ali Samieivafa / CC BY 2.0

You had a pretty sweet date night two Thursdays ago. First, you went to a sick BYO— ate some vaguely Asian food, drank a quart of Sunset Blush, the usual. Then, you hopped in an Uber and drove 8 blocks to the venue. Even better? The bouncer your date's frat hired totally fell for your IDGod Connecticut and gave you a wristband. Haha, like, you're not gonna be 21 for another 4 months. Sweet! Good thing you paid $12 for a jack and coke and sipped it in a designated section of the club while everyone else danced. Can you say awesome?

Over the past two weeks, you've been anxiously awaiting all the pics from the night. You know you looked hot, and you also want to cherish the good times and the heartwarming memories via Instagram. And great news: they're finally here!

As you scroll through the photos, though, you realize that you look a little... not right. Yeah, your eyes actually look pretty glazed over in all 27 photos that you're in. Guess you're not getting a profile picture out of it after all. At first you were disappointed, but then you realized that all was not lost. Turns out your best friend was DFMO-ing in the background, so everyone will be paying attention to that anyways!