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Finally: PennCourseReview to Add Category for How “Chill” Professor Is


Edited by Adam Eldefrawy

Ever since the advanced registration period has opened up, students have been scrambling to find the best classes. One way students search for courses is to see student ratings on the ‘PennCourseReview’ website, which provides ratings on a 4.0 scale in 11 different categories. But while students are able to see ratings for aspects such as “Instructor Accessibility”, “Ability to Stimulate Interest”, and “Amount Learned”, they are often left looking for more detail. That is why PennCourseReview is going to add a new category, the second addition since the site's inception: “Instructor Chillness”.

Wharton junior Alex Rasla told us that many students had been let down by the website in the past, and admitted that he is “absolutely stoked” about the new feature. Rasla was personally affected in the fall of his sophomore year. “I signed up for this class with a 3.74 Instructor Quality, and I thought it’d be sick.” He went on to add that, while the course was interesting, it was difficult to make it through lectures because “the professor was a total fucking dweeb”. Despite the professor's intelligence and accessibility, Rasla said, he just "didn't have that chill factor."

Thanks to PennCourseReview's latest innovation, we can say "so long!" to the days when students would show up to the first day of class expecting a semester of intellectual excitement, only to find out their professor takes attendance every day and makes a whole big thing about eating in class.