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OP-ED: To Whom'st'dve It May Concern'ed, I Am Much Qualified to Thriving in Dynamic Corporate Setting Passionate for My Experience Vis-A-Vis the Customer Liaison Which a Parallel to My Interests and Career Aspirations as Such Hire Me Pls


Photo: M Dreibelbis / CC BY 2.0

To whom'st'dve it may concern'ed,

       Greetings! My name Gena Basha and I am fourth year student at the University of Pennsylvania. Looking to launch my career, I myself did discovered your listing online. This position much aligned closely with my experience and aspirations. I have many a strong background in marketing, b2b, business, writing bylines, careers, work and am thus therefore in fact however looking for position in customer service retail technical marketing consulting branding startup. This position at yours very own such as company would allow me to encourage pursue my interest in retail and tech-ing, and in exchange I would bring a fresh, advantageous multi-faceted head-itching attitude!

        In the many of workplaces I have positioned and consumed, I am much qualified to thriving in dynamic corporate setting passionate for my experience vis-a-vis the customer liaison. I have the strong communication skills with the customers so the guarantee I can leverage for my interests and point of view such as. I am capable also to assess the private equity concerns however in order to cultivate dynamics in the corporation.

       In addition to and penultimately utmost finally, my endeavors show robust and influential relevant resources. My previous work experience in a large variety is flexible, quick learners with go-getter attitudes always thinking a step ahead. As such, the kind of fast-paced environment that I thrive in. Most importantly above all, I am seeking the fit of a company culture, as am I.

       To sum up, I will drive business forward. Me, myself and I. Last but not least, I am very eager to collaborating with all the like-minded individuals. I find this is very parallel to my interests and career aspirations as such hire me pls. Thank you very much for your consideration.


Gena Basha