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Petition: Junior Class 'Sweaters' Are Actually Sweatshirts, Impeach Class Board


Photo by Yolanda Chen / The Daily Pennsylvanian

When my parents paid a sick $37.75 for my Junior Class Sweater, I was thrilled. People would recognize that I'm an upperclassman— I'm just taking Econ 001 because I need to fulfill the Society sector, okay? Plus, I would have a cute fall sweater that I could wear homecoming weekend. But when I finally picked up that bad boy after waiting eighteen hours in line, I was disappointed. Because, my P-sweater? It's really more like a P-sweatshirt.

Can you say false advertising?

If you think this cruel, cotton/polyester-blended deception is wrong, take a stand with me. First, please sign my Change.org petition: informally titled “The Ability to Have a Social Life at Penn, but Wearing Sweaters, not Sweatshirts.” And if that doesn't get 100,000 signatures, please contribute to my GoFundMe, because I think I could totally sue the 2019 Class Board for fraud.