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Report: Over Half of Student Body Participated in Blacked Friday


Photo: greggoconnel / CC BY 2.0

The Holiday season is in full swing, and folks everywhere are enjoying the annual festivities. According to a new report, Penn students pulled out all the stops to celebrate this year. Only one third of all Americans participated in Black Friday shopping, however when Penn students were asked about their involvement with holidays this season, over 50% of respondents reported getting “blacked” this past Friday!

Black Friday means great deals, fights over items, and other rambunctious activity; Penn students posed no exception to these stereotypes. Four students were reportedly kicked out of a store after a brawl ensued over an item. When UTB asked the store for comment, they claimed no responsibility in the incident. “There was no special deal on any item at all. We actually have no idea why or how the fight broke out in the first place,” a spokesperson for Allegro’s Pizza commented.

Students said that this was one of the greatest Blacked Fridays to date. College Junior Connor Hertz (C ‘19) reportedly got an absolute steal on a television set, claiming that he woke up with it in his room. Though he has no idea how he wound up with the television from the previous night, he is confident that he didn’t pay a penny for it. Talk about a doorbuster!

Well, we're glad that this past Black Friday was such a hit among Penn students. As the season rolls ahead, we look forward to the holidays and hope that everyone gets to enjoy some snow!