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Student Skips Meeting for Extra Hour to Procrastinate on Homework


Photo by Tulane Public Relations / CC-BY-SA-2.0

Max Krewall (SEAS ’19) reportedly was seen around campus telling friends he was “absolutely screwed” for his big CIS121 assignment due tomorrow. There was no way he would ever be able to finish in time; something had to be sacrificed. After thinking long and hard, Max made the torturous decision to not go to his hour long meeting. “I have to get this homework done,” he insisted to literally anyone he talked to, whether they had asked or not.

From 6-7pm, the usual time of his meeting, Max sat down ready to get started on CIS. However, he realized with this extra hour, he now had a variety of ways he could choose to spend it. One of them was obviously getting started on his assignment. But, given that he now had a lot more time, he could get a lot of other things done as well. Max contemplated taking a nap, taking up a sport, or even baking some food. He proceeded to spend it installing a hammock in his room, watching Rick and Morty reruns and finally taking a shower only to sit around in his towel for about a half hour.

Unaware of the time that had gone by, at 2am, he finally looked at the clock and realized he had forgotten to turn in his entire assignment, much less start it.