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A True Friend: This Student Acted Disheartened to Hear That Her Friend Scored Lower on Exam


Photo by nastya_gepp / CC0

The academic environment at Penn is prone to criticism for being overbearingly competitive. Forced grading curves, fierce competition for job prospects, and a toxic atmosphere supposedly discourage students from collaborating with one another.

Fortunately, one sophomore is showing no signs of getting caught up in the hyper-competitive atmosphere. When Jessica Briggs (C ‘20) first learned that her close friend failed an Economics exam, she absolutely nailed the reaction. “I’m so sorry to hear that!” Jessica told her friend. While Jessica was well aware that the class would be graded on a forced curve and that her friend’s failing score would help her get a better grade, she managed to suppress that happiness for a brief moment of consolation.

Her friend was reportedly wholeheartedly sold on Jessica's reaction, and thanked her for being so genuine. Jessica proceeded to remind the friend that she could raise her grade by doing well on the final. Even though Jessica knows that there was no recovering from a score this bad, especially since the final is cumulative, she knew that it would cheer up her friend.

What a remarkable show of friendship. Way to go, Jessica, for showing us that not everyone at Penn is only looking out for themselves!