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Your Freshman Year Friends: Where Are They Now?


Photo by David thomson / CC0

Ah, your freshman year, what great times. You had such a solid group of friends, too. 

There was Sam, the girl you met during NSO, Brendan, the one from West Chester, Lily, the one from Houston (how did she and Brendan get along, again?), and, of course, George, the friend you met in that gender neutral bathroom back in Ware. They were all such a big part of your freshman year experience, but where are those freshman year mistakes friends now?

Sam discovered that her true calling was finance instead of medicine. Classic. She started spending late nights in Hunstman GSRs with a cozy fireplace up on the TV screen and, surprisingly, George. The two of them started getting closer cramming for exams and applying for internships. I think it was around the time you started hanging out a lot at the Phi house; the two have been together since!

Lily is killing it in her classes and is the new Rhodes scholarship recipient. She and Brendan are an interesting tale. They, too, started dating late into sophomore year. Actually, it was right around the time the Phi boy started ghosting you!

Last month, the four of them even spent Friendsgiving at Brendan’s cabin in Vermont... You know, the one he’d always snap you pictures of freshman year? The four friends are as close as ever, getting ready to face the real world as the power couples they are. You’re doing pretty well too, though, so don’t worry. We heard you’re slaying on the rugby team! Oh wait, you quit?