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Five Button-Downs That Say, 'I’m Really Busy, but I’ll Still Get Lunch With You'

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You've been back at school for a couple weeks now, and you know what that means. You're already burdened with schoolwork, club meetings and coffee chats, but you want to maintain a social life without your academic standing taking a hit.

So, you tell your friends you want to get lunch. What better way to let them know you still value their company? BYOs and movies are just too time-consuming. Here's five button downs to wear when you tell your pals that you're really busy, but also willing to get lunch with them.

1. The classic navy

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Photo by tradlands / CC 2.0

Now here's one you just can't go wrong with. Suitable for both men and women, this navy button down can be worn in all seasons. Summer internships, spring break, during school — let's be honest, you're busy ALL the time!

2. Charming checkers

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Photo by Robert Sheie / CC 2.0

Spice up your out-to-lunch button down with some tasteful checkers! A button down like this one will show your lunch date that you're classy, but you also have a fun side. That makes sense, because you're SO busy, but you're social enough to carve out 35 minutes to go to Frontera!

3. Pretty Plaid

Image result for button downPhoto by Pexels / CC0

Need we say more? Everybody loves plaid!

4. Relaxed, flowy, and cropped

Image result for button downPhoto by jnissa / CC BY 2.0

A modern take on the classic button down. This one is really open and flowy. It will make sure to let your lunch guest know that even though you're really busy all the time, you're not letting it get to you. You're not stressed! Not at all. Okay maybe you are, but you're not letting it show! 

5. Chambray multi-pack

Photo by tradlands / CC 2.0

We thought we would throw in a 5-pack for this last one. What a treat! You can wear this option any time, any place. The multi-pack will come in handy, because let's face it, you need as many button downs as you can get. You'll always be over-committed and will try to desperately overcompensate for it, meaning you're going to have SO many lunches coming up.