BREAKING: Amy Gutmann Refers to School of Arts and Sciences as 'Total Dump' in Board Meeting

amy gutmann, president elect, speaks to the editorial board. ran01/29/2004

Penn President Amy Gutmann referred to the School of Arts and Sciences as a "total dump" during a Board of Trustees meeting Thursday night, sources say. 

Gutmann reportedly grew irritated with board members during the meeting when the subject of budgets for the 12 respective schools within the University was brought up. "Why are we giving any more money to that total dump school?" Gutmann said in reference to the School of Arts and Sciences, according to a secretary present at the meeting who asked to remain anonymous. Three other witnesses independently confirmed this claim.

Gutmann then suggested that more of the budget's resources should be allocated to the Engineering, Medical, and Law schools. "Why do we need any more of these liberal arts students? Take them out [of the budget]," she reportedly said later in the evening. 

This is not the first time Gutmann has been accused of "playing favorites" with the 12 schools at Penn. Last November, she announced that she would offer the undergraduate Fine Arts Department, which falls within the School of Arts and Sciences, as a sacrifice in exchange for the second Amazon headquarters to be based out of Philadelphia.

A spokesperson for Amy Gutmann defended her position on the University's budget, but did not deny the accounts of Thursday's meeting.