"I Don't Need to Buy My Friends," Says Freshman Girl Who Forgot to Sign up for Sorority Rush


Photo by Kristin Vogt / CC0

Sorority recruitment season is upon us, and freshman girls will soon line the icy streets in the hope of securing a coveted bid. 

But not everyone will be lacing up their wedges and strapping on their bodysuits this week. 

Alexa Stedman (C '21) is one of the few female students in her class who has chosen to forgo the rite-of-passage that is sorority rush. Sitting on the standard-issue wooden reclining chair in her sparsely decorated Quad dorm, Stedman explained why she sealed her fate as an eternal GDI. 

"I don't need to buy my friends," Stedman shrugged nonchalantly, crossing her arms as she leaned too far back in her dorm chair and fell backwards with a gasp. "That's the main reason," she continued after regaining her balance, "I just feel like it's not worth all the time, money, and effort."

"And it's definitely not because I forgot to sign up."

Stedman didn't always feel this way towards Greek life. Going into her first semester, she had her eye on several sisterhoods, and fully intended to rush alongside her female hall-mates. But, she says, she ultimately never even made an attempt to register for recruitment before the deadline. 

From an outsider perspective, one might even suspect the thought didn't cross her mind until it was too late.

"No, it was definitely a conscious choice not to rush," Stedman insisted, but admitted that none of the girls on her hall contacted her about registering over the break. "Plus, who wants to stand outside in the freezing cold in a miniskirt just to form sisterly bonds with other strong and smart women? Not me!"

In all, Stedman is determined to view the chain of events in a positive light. "I don't need any more sisters. I already have two real ones at home," she explained, "and I can hang out and go apple picking with them whenever I want."

At press time, Stedman was frantically registering for courses, which she had forgotten to do prior to the first day of classes.