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Student Sits for 50 Minutes in Fisher Fine Arts Library Instead of Fisher Bennett for Class


Photo By Daderot / CC0

Second semester freshman Brian Lounge (C ’21) still gets lost on Penn’s campus. Earlier this week, for the fourth class in a row, he hopped out of bed and headed to Fisher for his HIST seminar - War and Peace. Reading the syllabus online, he learned that the first half of the semester would focus on the “peace” aspect of his class. "The class is indeed peaceful,” he claimed, as he sat in silence every other day  at a large table in Fisher Fine Arts library.

Unaware that his class is actually in Fisher Bennett Hall, Lounge has been going to the library every Tuesday and Thursday from 3-4:30pm, waving hello to his new classmates and the one 40 year old man mistaken to be his professor, and sitting right next to them. “The class is very reading-based,” he stated. “All we do is sit together and do our readings on the Cold War. It’s also in complete silence, which I totally appreciate.” This was a bit confusing at first, as he definitely remembered hearing that participation would be 20% of his grade.

Another strange aspect of his class is the group of students he sits next to. “The people in my class are not very friendly, but I’m not here to make friends anyway, so it’s fine,” he said. He made sure to add that, even though he is a history major, he will still be pursuing a minor in Wharton and will be all of their bosses one day anyways.

Professor Bard, the actual professor of War and Peace, was asked about Brian’s attendance. “His participation grade right now is at a 0. I hope he has a good reason to be skipping every class since the first day.”

When told the truth, Lounge was not as upset as one would expect. In fact, he was happy. “To be honest, I got so much work done there."