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Defying the System: This Girl is Going to St. Barth's Instead of PV for Spring Break


Photo from Pxhere / CC0

Courtney Carlson (C '19) is not like other girls. Earlier this semester, when all her roommates and sorority sisters began discussing their plans for spring break, she knew in her heart that she wanted to make a change. Everyone around her had been discussing going to PV for spring break. While she fully admitted to liking PV as an option and that she "loves a good villa," she confessed that she wanted to defy the system and go somewhere...new. Unexpected. Somewhere that she would never forget.

Which is why she chose St. Barth's.

We asked Carlson what about St Barth's was so unique. "Um... the people, the culture, you know, all that. And, also, let's face it, not that many people I know get to go. I mean, it's like a $12,000 trip." she said. We asked her how she was getting to go on this trip, and she told us her roommate's father was covering the cost of 6 plane tickets, 7 nights in a luxury hotel, and paid food and drink expenses. She said what she is most looking forward to is the yacht party at the end of the week. "See, this is why I can't do PV again. I mean, do they even have yachts?"

Carlson said she's already started to plan her 2019 spring break. "St Barth's will already be a little passé by then. So... I'm thinking... a private island?"