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​I Like You but I Don’t Like You Enough to Sit Through Your Indian Dance Show for Three Hours


Photo by Skip / CC-By-Sa-2.0

I like you, Charlotte I really do. I cherish our friendship, our brunches, study sessions, and the fact that you’re always there for me when I seemingly end up at Allegro’s every Friday night. We’ve been through it all and I can’t wait to make even more memories with you. But, and I hate to say it, even though I really value our friendship, Char, I just don’t really care enough to sit through three whole hours of Indian dance.

First of all, it costs way too much. My $13 will go to something equally, if not more, irrelevant, like a single sandwich from Cosi or an Uber 8 blocks away. In fact, we can go to Cosi together or Uber to center city, Char. I love spending time with you. It always makes my day. But three hours of watching you dance? I don’t think so.

Secondly, it’s on a Friday. I cannot give away my Friday night like that. I have so much work this weekend, like so much. I know you have work too, girl. I get it. You’re putting all of your hard work into these two nights of performance when you have three midterms the next week. But, I have 3 midterms AND a proposal to turn in. So, there’s no way I can give up my weekend like that. Instead, I’ll be getting trashed at Olympic themed mixers and regretting everything on Saturday.

I’m really sorry, Charlotte. You’re a great girl, but if you’re looking out into the crowd this weekend, don’t get your hopes up. But I’m sure you did great and I definitely appreciate all those long rehearsals and sleep deprived nights! Let’s get brunch this weekend.