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OP-ED: I Live in The Radian, But I'm Not Like Other Girls


Photo by Pexels / CC0

So we don't know each other really well and you only kind of know me from seeing me exit the Radian every Tuesday morning on the way to our Geology recitation. You see me outside my apartment every week, and we've never talked, so I'm sure you've already made some assumptions about me. But I'm here to tell you I'm not like the other girls who live in the Radian.

I'll hold the door open for you any time you try and come visit the Radian. I promise. And if I run into you in the elevator, I'll actually make eye contact. Maybe I'll even initiate the first conversation! If you ever want to come over to study in the Radian Lounge, I would tell people to not look at you judgmentally every time you sneeze.

I hope you take my word for it. I assure you that I'm different from your expectations of me and that maybe, some day, in the near future, you and I could be buddies.


Radian Resident & Potential Friend