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Hero: This Girl Shovels Soup into Her Mouth on Her Walk to Class to Not Waste Time Eating Lunch

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Let's face it: it's hard to make time for ourselves at Penn. We're all "soooo busy," and that can get in the way of really important things, like our diets. Hannah Winter (C '18) knows this better than anyone. "At Penn, you have to learn to be as efficient with your time as possible. I start with my lunch."

Winter told us her most often used technique is eating lunch as she scurries down Locust on her way to class instead of taking 5-8 minutes to sit down and eat it indoors like a regular human being. "It really saves me a LOT of time. I would say, like, 18-22 minutes in a given week." Just the other day, Winter was spotted shoveling soup from Pret into her mouth as she was walking to class. She was walking and eating so quickly that she ended up with a bright red stain on her brand new white shirt. "It happens, you know? You get used to it," she said.

Winter said it's really difficult to make lunch plans with her. "I'm just always on the go! My time is too precious. I mean, five minutes is just SO valuable."