​OP-ED: Frat Culture Is Toxic and I Will Not Stand for It Unless You Let Me Walk out of Here With These 3 Handles


Photo by earauchway / CC BY 2.0

Frat culture is deeply harmful. Members of fraternities tend to revel in toxic masculinity, privilege, and elitism. Frats cultivate exclusion by rigidly policing who can become a “brother" and who can be let in to their parties, relying on ratios and other sexist tools. This perpetuation of archaic constructs allows fraternity spaces to become breeding grounds for hypermasculinity, racism, and sexual assault. 

Some people just ignore these deep, systemic problems with frat culture and Greek life. But not me! Oh, no. I would never support such an aggressive and harmful organization, unless... I could maybe take some liquor from behind your bar?

With every glass you drink or shot you take, you’re saying you are okay with the objectification of women, slut shaming, and white privilege. So, there. Plus, that guy who ghosted me last weekend is definitely in this frat. And he's the worst. 

Ugh! I cannot even stand to be here right now. If you would just let me behind the bar real quick, I'll get what I came for and then leave this noxious place once and for all.

You know, the more I think about it, the angrier I get. I have so much more to say about this—believe me. What’s that? No, I can’t move my arm from under my coat, sorry. 

Women's liberation means stealing all you can from toxic male institutions. Also, I'm making margaritas with the girls tonight and I really don't want to pay for tequila. Fight me.