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Sophomore Boy Grumpy After One of Three Late-Night Texts Ignored


Photo from Pixabay / CC0

It was 1 a.m. on a Saturday, and sophomore Ryan Huff (C ’20) pulled out his phone, snapping and texting all of the girls on his contact list. After sending a mass array of “wyd” and “and then what haha” messages, he went back to his 2k game and waited to see where the night would take him.

A couple hours later, he got a response from two out of the three girls, Sarah and Katie, but was disheartened to find that Liz merely opened his snap and did not bother to reply. “I was expecting at least a nice message back, you know? It had been over two hours,” said a dejected Huff, putting his shoes on to go over to Katie’s place. “I mean, it’s just rude.”

Later that night, after leaving Katie’s home, Huff still seemed disheartened that he did not get a response back and tried texting Liz again. At press time, he was seen checking her Snap story and liking her Instagram pictures to win her back. “Nothing’s working,” he said, expressing frustration over the lack of any new notifications. “Girls really don’t have any decency,” he said as he decided to just invite Sarah back to his place to watch Stranger Things