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​Fate of Entire Evening Left Up to Copa ID Scanner


Photo by Drew Stevens / CC BY-SA 2.0

Kathleen Grover (C ’21) and her friends were so excited when the IDGod order shipped. They couldn’t wait to hit up every happy hour at Copa and Distrito. Unfortunately, the deciding factor of whether they would have a night full of flavored margaritas or a night sitting on Kathleen’s couch in Harrison after a frat crawl was one foreboding scanner.

The Copa scanner’s newly updated software was implemented just in time for groups just like Grover’s. Grover, whose Springfield, IL ID stated that she was a slick 23 years old, was nervous the scanner would see right through the fact that her height on the ID was misprinted as 6'4”. Her friend, Josie Caldwell (C ’21) also was afraid that her almost identical Illinois ID would also be turned down by the scanner.

At press time, the group of girls stood in front of the bouncer, trying their hardest to appear taller, older, and, if it would help them in any way, hotter. They waited patiently while the scanner ran the barcodes. A moment of silence until the bouncer said, “You’re good.”

Just like that, the group of four girls went straight to the back, mistakenly ordered the double shot margarita, and eventually stumbled back to their Harrison apartment anyways to sit on Kathleen’s couch and fall asleep.