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Senior Who Paid $80 For A Despacito Fling Downtown Still Hasn't Paid Roommate Back For Toilet Paper


Photo from Pexels / CC0

We all have our roommate problems. Maybe you live with someone who sleeps through 30 consecutive alarms in the morning, doesn't do their dishes, or is constantly invading your personal space. But Julio Dawson (C '18) takes shitty roommate to the next level. He recently spent $80 on a ticket for the Despacito LLC Downtown that's coming up, yet refuses to pay his roommates back for basic household needs like toilet paper, water cups, and trash bags.

Dawson's logic goes a little something like this. "I mean, YOLO. Despacito Downtown only happens once, but toilet paper is forever," he told us. "I personally don't see the rush to paying my roommates back right away. They'll survive. And, I'm sure they just want the best for me, and that is for me to have the most lit weekend."

It appears this is not an isolated incident. Dawson didn't buy a single textbook for any of his classes last semester. Yet, somehow, he was able to pay for 20 peoples' cover charges at Rumor for several weeks in a row. We asked him if he had any big plans coming up, and he told us he's getting ready to pay a deposit for an Airbnb in the Bahamas, where he'll be vacationing during reading days.