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​Friends and Huntsman Automatic Sinks Stopped Noticing Student


Photo from Wikimedia Commons / CC0

William O’Brien (C ’18) is about to graduate, but is already feeling sad and lonely, nervous about what his new life would bring. His days are numbered and now more than ever he wants to be noticed. Unfortunately, he has drifted apart from many of his friends these past few months. He has come to term with the fact that many of them have moved on in life, even though he suspects a lot of it has to do with the fact that he still doesn’t have Venmo.

To make matters worse, O’Brien was left feeling completely abandoned and lonelier than ever when the automatic sink in Hunstman would not notice him. He stood there for a full five minutes, waving his hand, tapping the faucet, even shaking it. No response. O’Brien realized this was his low point. After three more minutes, O’Brien accepted his fate. He was not going to be able to wash his hands today. He was alone, old, washed up, and with dirty hands.

O’Brien assured us he doesn’t usually strike out with the sinks. This is just an odd occurrence. However, when the automatic flush did eventually work for him, he was visibly happier than he had been in months. “That’s the closest thing I’ve experienced to acceptance and love in months.”