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Girl Who Refuses to Actively Support Friend in Any Way Comments "wow u r literally perfect" on Friend's Profile Picture


Photo from Pexels / CC0

No way! In a shocking turn of events, Margaret Benson (C '18), someone with a friendship track record that is shitty at best, has suddenly decided to be nice to her friend Sarah Goldstein (C '18) on social media. So far this year, Benson has been objectively horrible to her friend: she refuses to attend any of Goldstein's events, only talks about herself when they catch up, and loves to talk shit behind her back. Yet, funny enough, Benson is prone to showering Goldstein with kindness every time she posts a picture on Instagram.

Most recently, Goldstein posted a gorgeous photo of herself online, with a caption announcing that she had been awarded a Fulbright Scholarship for the fall. In a matter of seconds, Benson commented on the post "wow. u r literally perfect. look at my best friend. she's perfect. ur gorgeous and smart. perfect. ily ily ily." How strange, considering Benson has refused to support or be nice to her friend all semester! She's constantly saying she's "too busy" to hang out, and yet seems to be trolling Instagram 24/7, with photo comments appearing in a matter of seconds.

Is Benson's Instagram support the start, or the end, of their rocky friendship? Only time will tell.