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OCR or Performance Art? This Sophomore is Wearing a Wool Suit in 100 Degree Weather


Photo by Will Fisher (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Sellout or subversive icon?

College sophomore Ryan Walker has been strutting his stuff all day in his charcoal suit, made of only the heaviest wool available, causing quite a stir in art and business circles alike. Is it a silent protest to the oppressive, mind-melting heat of late-August Philadelphia? Or is he just another College econ major scrolling on his Blackberry during FNCE 100 before heading off to an info session?

Jessica Phillips (C '21) believes it's a demonstration of performance art. "I think it's a really interesting comment on the classic conflict of man versus nature," she told UTB. "Rather than succumb to the sun's forces, he's decided to wear thick formal clothing in defiance, putting his own self-expression over the pressures of the world around him."

An interesting take, but Wharton junior Jerome Ruiz doesn't buy it. "Clearly, he's doing what you have to do to be successful," he added. "Put on your darkest suit, bring your resume, and get hustling." We asked Ruiz to elaborate, but he had to take a call. 

Art or no art, we could tell that Walker was pretty sweaty.