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Student to Spend Next Four Years Rescheduling Plans with Friend


Photo from Pixabay / CC0

Hours before she was supposed to hang out with longtime friend Katy, Sarah Kiefer (C ’19) sent her a quick text canceling their dinner plans, saying she was “so busy UGH.” “No worries! Monday?” asked Katy. Sarah replied “Of course!” as she changed into pajamas and turned on Netflix, not even bothering to put the dinner into her schedule for Monday.

On Monday, Sarah texted Katy again. This time, Katy was already waiting at the restaurant when she saw the cancellation text. This one chronicled Sarah’s food poisoning in explicit detail and was followed by a row of weeping emojis. 

Sarah’s excuses have ranged from an entire list of events—from three cases of mono to two “I have to run to office hours and then babysit for my TA tonight and then clean my room sorry!” texts.

“I appreciate the elaborate excuses,” said Katy, “I didn’t know Sarah could be that creative—but I guess that one creative writing class she took for her Arts and Letters sector really paid off.” 

Sarah hasn’t reached out to Katy since that one Monday, and it’s been about two years now since they have hung out. But she has seen her on Locust multiple times, always claiming they “have to catch up soon.” However, each time they try to set a date for hanging out, Sarah wholeheartedly agrees, only to go home later that day and draft another text with an elaborate excuse.

“But next week for sure!”