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How to See a Future with Him Even Though He Leaves His Wet Clothes in the Washer Overnight


Photo by WikiCommons // CC-BY-SA-4.0

Arman Gupta and Allie Jacobs (C ’19) are in a great relationship. In fact, she often fantasizes about their future together. He is sweet, funny, smart, and kind. But, there’s one catch. Every time he washes his clothes (which is once every two months, a problem in and of itself), he tends to just completely forget about it, and when reminded his clothes are still in there, claims to be too tired to remove them. “I’ll just do it tomorrow,” he always says. His dorm manners are definitely not husband material, but here’s how to see a future with him even though his clothes have probably been sitting in the washer overnight. 

Imagine the wedding pictures

Not to gas you up, or compensate for his terrible habits, but your wedding pictures would look so cute. Plus your family, a nice middle class family, would get along so well with his mega millionaire family. Why risk all of the cute photo albums and destination wedding options that you probably won’t have to pay for just because no one has ever taught him how to live on his own

Think about how he makes you feel 

Should you probably break up if he makes you feel gross when you hug him and his sweater smells like mildew? No, because think about how he makes you feel all the other times! Like when he treats you to brunch at Hill, or when he forgets about the date you had because of his frat’s rush event, but makes up for it by "chilling" with you the next day.  Think about the tender moments like that. 

Put yourself in his shoes 

It’s hard being a full time student taking four credits. I mean yes, you do it too, and, actually, you take five credits and have a part time job. But he’s also president of finance club and that’s a lot of responsibility! Of course he doesn’t have time to wash his clothes. Be more compassionate!