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Study Abroad Student Returns With Exotic Tapestry From Target to Hang in Dorm


Photo by Drake / CC BY 2.0          

Upon moving her belongings into her room, Kate Lanthorpe (C ’20) was praised for her wall artwork— especially the beautiful and exotic tapestry she got from Target. “I’m an interior design major,” said her roommate, “and I have never felt so intimidated in my life by the gorgeous designs on the tapestry. It just screams, ‘I have been to a really cool, far away destination that you have never been to and never will.’” 

And it’s true. Lanthorpe just finished a semester abroad in Thailand, and tells most people that her tapestry is from “Asia.” “I forgot to actually buy souvenirs to put around my room. It was just a really busy time, you know? Do you want to see pictures of me on this elephant?” 

Even though Jenny in Ware (E '22) has the same tapestry from the same Target in Jersey, Lanthorpe sticks to her story because “decorating your dorm is not an easy task.” And Jenny’s gross Urban Outfitters rug can’t compare to all the cool, “exotic” places that Kate has been.