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Choose Your Own Adventure: Will Brad Fuck Your Girlfriend at Fling?


Photo by Artur (RUS) Potosi / CC BY 2.0

Brad freezes. He leaves Jessica’s arms, and gently, ever so gently, he gives your face a gentle caress. “What’s taken you so long to say it?” Brad asked, his eyes looking as if they were pools of love and wild joy.

A smile spreads across your face as if it were warm butter. “Well, gee I dunno, I just, gosh…” Your words trail off, and you meet Brad’s gaze, completely under his spell. 

Brad puts a hand on the back of your head, and you close your eyes, puckering for a kiss. Violently he jerks your head forward, head-butting you. You fall to the earth dazed. “Fucking loser,” he says, spitting the words. Jessica laughs. 

Brad and Jessica leave you half passed out on the floor of Magic Gardens. Later that night, while you’re staring at the blank white wall of your hospital room, Brad and Jessica make sweet, passionate love — without you. 

Uh oh! Brad Fucked Your Girlfriend at Fling!