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How to Pick the Best Restaurants on Campus to Take Your Visiting Family to Drown Out Your Arguments


Photo by Sodanie Chea / CC BY 2.0

A visiting family can be a lot to deal with. It’s likely that before they even arrive, they are planning a fight already. If you’re going to have a fight with your family, you might as well plan for it to be at one of campus’ most argument-accommodating restaurants. Here’s how to choose. 

The tables should be small 

You don’t want to choose a large table where your entire family can shout over the rest of the customers about how your apartment wasn’t clean enough. Plus, there’s something about a small table that just makes it seem so personal and not as if the entire restaurant hears your family drama. 

Go somewhere with no seating

If you can’t avoid dining altogether, a quick fast food restaurant might be the way to go: Subway, Chipotle, McDonald’s even. In and out within 10 minutes, and that way no one can hear your father scold you for not going to a school with a better sports team so he could actually come to your games and enjoy himself in his aging days.

Avoid restaurants with windows 

For one, it’s just not flattering to be pointing your finger at your mother when Johnny, your one-night hookup from Alpha Delta, walks by. I mean, it’s not like he ever texted you back, and you definitely are over him, but this is not the way you wanted him to meet your family. Secondly, windows just offer a view of everything you could be doing if only your little brother wasn’t throwing a tantrum right now.