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Brave: This Student Turned Tomorrow's Meal Prep into Tonight's Late Night Snack


Photo by Jamie / CC-BY-2.0 

Earlier this week, Stacy Lockings (C ’20) did something incredible: she managed to make her meal prepped food last only 1.5 hours after cooking it. 

After making a big deal out of her trip to Trader Joe’s, it really surprised Stacy and all of her roommates how quickly the groceries ran out after she got back home. "The trick," says Stacy, "is to start eating and never stop.

 “You have to be okay with letting yourself down and telling yourself that you will go to Trader Joe’s again soon anyways.”

While Stacy first started meal prepping as an improved way of wasting less money on food, she slowly transitioned from saving money and eating right to just eating. “I sweated for two whole hours roasting my vegetables, boiling my pasta, and opening a jar of pesto sauce only to finish a whole week’s worth of cauliflower gnocchi in one sitting,” she explains. It truly is an innovative concept: why waste the freshness of food when you can eat it all in one night? 

Not everyone can be as resourceful as Stacy, but if even one person learns from her bravery, what a better place this world could be.