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Exploring Philadelphia: This Junior Has Been to Every Green Line Cafe

Credit: Alessandro Consuelos

From the Green Line Cafe on 43rd and Baltimore to the Green Line Cafe on 45th and Locust, College junior Albert Alvarez has been soaking in all that Philadelphia has to offer. 

“It feels so good to get off campus and explore this amazing city,” Alvarez told UTB. “Honestly, it’s amazing to me that people can go four years here without taking in the sights and smells of this East Coast gem.”

UTB caught up with Alvarez in an off-campus locale, the Green Line Cafe on 40th and Ludlow, to discuss his favorite Philly spots.

“I’m a total coffee snob, so most of my favorite spots are cafes,” he admitted. "There’s a cute café like this one down the street in Spruce Hill* and another by Clark Park** that are really great.”

His other favorite attractions include “boutique coffee shops” from Powelton Village*** to Center City**** to Queen Village*****.

Despite the majesty of Philadelphia, Alvarez still contends that you don’t have to go off campus to have an authentic Philadelphian experience. 

“This is some insider info,” he said in a hushed tone, “but if you go to the Penn Vet hospital there’s a cafe in there that serves a damn fine cup of coffee******.”

*The Green Line Cafe at 45th and Locust

**The Green Line Cafe at 43rd and Baltimore

***The Green Line Cafe at 37th and Lancaster

****The Green Line Cafe at 16th and Arch

*****The Green Line Cafe at 4th and South

******The Green Line Cafe in the Penn Vet Hospital