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Here’s Why Iced Coffee Should Not Be Your Lunch Today and Here’s Why I Won’t Listen


Photo by m01229 / CC BY 2.0.

I am pretty sure my daily iced coffee doused in Splenda and a splash of half-and-half is ruining my health. I have been victim to a number of health issues since I've become addicted – headaches, constant peeing, light stomach aches, a twitching eye, and tardiness to all of my morning classes. 

I keep asking my friends, my peers, and the SHS staff what I should do. The answer is always the same: stop drinking iced coffee in place of actual meals. With careful consideration, I’ve learned that drinking less coffee and not substituting it for meals just because I’m at Stommons anyways would absolutely solve all of my issues, but here’s why I won’t listen. 

What’s more important than health? Self-care. I have always known how to take care of myself. For example, risking the below freezing temperatures to wear a non-insulating, but very expensive, fur coat is something I do often for the sake of fashion. Other times, I’ll give up on a problem set just for self-care and fall asleep with my face mask still on. Sure, sometimes I get frostbite, or sometimes I fail my homework, but I am never the type to just blindly follow the rules because someone passing by on the street or my entire close circle of family and friends tells me to. 

At the rate I’m going, coffee will soon be part of my bloodstream. Personally, I find that quirk makes me unique on this campus and I don’t want to stop now. And that’s why I’ll never stop substituting meals for iced coffee.