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Student Shocked to Find Annoying Kid Making Loud Comments in Lecture Recording Is Himself


Picture by Max Pixel / CC0 

Matt Logan (C ’21) made the shocking discovery recently that the most annoying kid in his MKTG205 class is actually him. Earlier that day, he sat down to speed watch his lecture for his exam only to find it loudly interrupted periodically by a side conversation of two boys in the back. The video of the lecture shows the professor and countless students in the front row rolling their eyes and sighing in reference to the two students in the back. Matt himself was rolling his eyes in his VP booth, trying to rewind to his professor’s comments which were entangled with voices of two boys commenting about each others’ new benching records. “180 pounds is weak,” he whispered while rewinding yet again – even though those was definitely his words. 

It took him 30 minutes before he realized his own voice. “It was when I heard myself saying ‘what’s wrong with calling them females?’ very clearly in my own voice.” The embarrassment that possibly the whole class watching this lecture and the professor herself heard this was only the beginning. Questions such as “how exactly do you meal prep?” and “I only eat McDonald’s when I’m drunk, but also I like it when I’m sober” were only some of the comments that Matt should have just kept to himself. 

Luckily for Matt, that was the only class that he’s ever been to this whole semester, and he plans to keep it that way. “If I can’t not pay attention in peace without everyone hearing me, then I might as well not go.”