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Choose Your Own Adventure: Will Brad Fuck Your Girlfriend at Fling?


Photo by Thomas uit Apeldoorn / CC0

Fuck ‘em, you think as you head over to the pit to stare at the flames, and then you realize how the two of them are probably going to fuck tonight. Your shoulders slump further. 

You can hear the two of them all the way from over here. You stare at the flame for you don’t know how long, when all of a sudden you find yourself approached by a giggling sorority girl. This girl is long gone, and grabs your wrist to press something into your open palm. She puts a finger to her lips as if she’s telling you a secret, and then retreats into the background. 

You look down and see a small, round tablet with a heart on it. Ooh — candy! You love candy! Plus you’ve been feeling pretty hungry this past hour… 

A: Eat the candy to cure the munchies

B: Go and roast a marshmallow for yourself instead