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Are You Genuinely Happy or Just a Frat Boy on a Power Trip?


Photo by nym / CC BY 2.0

Usually, your attitude toward life fluctuates here and there. Some days are good and hopefully fewer might be not so good. But, are you genuinely happy? Or, are you just a frat boy on a power trip at a Friday night mixer? Find out here: 

Did anything make you smile today? 

Was this smile because you were thinking about the time you enjoyed watching the person you were “debating” in class stumble over his words? 

Is your life basically how you imagined it would be right now?

Or do you sometimes think about how you thought your life would be more than mixers, stumbling out of your room into a sea of red solo cups, sticky floors, and beer cans? 

Is your happiness rooted in respect and admiration for others and yourself?

Maybe it is, but maybe you just enjoy claiming you’re right because you spent your last conversation loudly talking over the other person in a monotone voice? 

Do you think your ex-girlfriend is crazy? 

This says it all.