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OP-ED: Can We Do Your Place Tonight? I Have Crippling Depression so My Room Is Really Messy


Photo by Olybrius / CC BY 3.0


what’re you up to?

oh nice haha

anyways im free tn do you wanna do something

haha ok nice (:

soo wanna do your place tn?

i would totally invite you over but see the thing is i have crippling depression so my room is really messy atm. like no joke it is truly a shithole right now. there are maybe like 80 crusty dishes on my bedside table its wild haha lmao u literally cannot see my floor there are clothes everywhere

haha i mean well yea my mental health isnt [100 emoji] at the moment u know but like dont worry about it hahaha lol its all good not a big deal. anyways do u still wanna hang out because i’m down, just not at my apartment bc i havent had the energy to clean up after myself in weeks

oh i didn’t know you lived in gregory haha...

actually im kinda tired is it cool if we dont do anything tonight?

ok haha, nice :-)