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Unused Yoga Mat Has Now Been Sitting in Woman’s Apartment for 2 Years

Photo by Jean Chapiro / The Daily Pennsylvanian

Upon first inspection, everything seems in its rightful place in College senior Andie Berks-Thompson's apartment. Magnificent sets of string lights illuminate every ceiling, dozens of plastic succulents (real ones died) have been artfully placed, and gorgeous, similarly-colored, but differently-patterned tapestries are delicately hung in each room.

However, there is one object that looks horrendously misplaced.

Coated in a substantial layer of dust, the Lululemon yoga mat she bought sophomore year rests desolately in the corner of her bedroom closet. It has remained untouched for the past two years — she last attempted to use it at home in November 2016, guided by a soothing Youtube instructional video on her 13” Macbook Air.

Berks-Thompson still believes that the $68 piece of foam was a sound investment.

“Well, I mean, I’m definitely going to get around to it eventually,” remarked the senior, who will be graduating in 46 days. “I’m just really busy right now.”

Not to mention, she will have “so much free time” after completing her final two courses at Penn, Beginning Sitar I and Craft of Prose.

Despite the fact that her mat has remained tightly bound for over 800 days, Berks-Thompson’s passion for and dedication to yoga is obvious. She is even a self-described “master” of multiple poses: Shavasana, child’s pose, and breathing.

“Warrior II is still pretty tricky to me,” she humbly conceded, “but I think I’m gonna get the hang of it soon.”

Berks-Thompson is notably partial to hot yoga, an activity she cannot do at home because her landlord pretty much controls the temperature of her apartment. “I just love the feeling of my sweaty, clammy hands slipping and sliding around whenever I’m trying to do downward-facing dog,” she shared.

However, Berks-Thompson’s parents, Joseph Berks and Dave Thompson, appeared to feel differently when informed of the whole yoga mat situation.

“We’re disappointed, but not surprised,” said Berks. “She's exhibited this kind of behavior before. It took maybe a couple hours for Andie to completely abandon the Tamagotchi we bought her for her 9th birthday.”

“When we noticed Jojo [Andie's Tamagotchi] being neglected, we couldn’t just let her die — so we’ve been taking care of her ever since,” added Thompson, motioning to the small egg-shaped device currently attached to his belt loop. “It's definitely hard work; Jojo's a handful.”

The room fell silent for a moment.

“I have nightmares about that egg, to be honest,” confessed Berks, visibly trembling.

Nevertheless, hope may be on the horizon for their daughter: she says she is already “having active thoughts” about going to Pottruck for the second time this semester (she used the elliptical once in January).