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Choose Your Own Adventure: Will Brad Fuck Your Girlfriend at Fling?


Yes,” says Brad, “but I was trying to be a bit more subtle about it.”

“Oh,” you say, shrugging your shoulders. “You should learn to be more direct and straightforward in your communications with other people, especially when they pertain to sexual relationships. How else will you obtain informed consent?” 

Jeff nods his head in agreement. “Yeah, Brad, they’ve got a point.” He turns to you. “I’m sorry that we weren’t more up front. But hey, if you and your girlfriend are still down, we’d love to finish a movie with you. Or a couple.” 

You look at Jessica. She nods her head in excitement. “Ok,” you say. “Let’s go and fuck.”

You go back to Brad’s apartment and do just that. 

Congratulations! At Fling, you fucked Brad, your girlfriend, AND Jeff from writing sem!