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Student to Interview for Wharton MBA Program Fastens Ski Ticket to Arc'teryx


Photo by Chase Habu-Chin

It was right before Tannin Applebaum (C '19) entered F22 of Hunstman Hall to interview for the Wharton MBA Program when it hit him. He was missing something. A year prior, Applebaum attended the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business info session about the graduate application process, proven preparation strategies, and overall Wharton MBA experience. With his liberal arts degree coming to an end, Applebaum was mourning the termination of his undergraduate years. No longer was it acceptable for Applebaum to go day drinking with his brothers throughout the week. No longer was it acceptable to host rooftop socials where he could discuss market share to his buddies on a Monday. Therefore, it was important to Applebaum that he attend Wharton’s Graduate Business School, where he could continue to professionally network with elites. “Except this time around,” Applebaum says, “I don’t get grades.”

The time had come. Applebaum had completed all the necessary application requirements and had to complete one final stage: the interview. As he approached the office, however, all his excitement and titillation washed away. He noticed a surprising absence by his hand: there wasn’t a ski ticket on his jacket zipper. Applebaum suddenly remembered that Wharton MBA Admissions doesn't accept students who don’t know how to ski. When asked about the policy, Eric Chambers from the MBA Admissions Office commented “Just as we expect scores on the GMAT, we expect that students know how to ski. Since most of our curriculum takes places on the slopes, we wouldn’t want anyone student to be at a disadvantage. We want to accept candidates who will be able to handle the highly rigorous MBA environment.” Graduate Management Admission Council Coordinate Chauncey Walling further explained: “let’s say for instance that a business pitch is happening on the lift — the last thing we’d want is for a student’s inability to shred to compromise their access to the material.” 

Applebaum quickly ran back to his dorm where he hastily fastened a well worn Aspen lift ticket to his Arc'teryx. Thank god he caught it before the interview. How else would the admissions council know he was an eligible candidate?