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Choose Your Own Adventure: Will Brad Fuck Your Girlfriend at Fling


Ahh, Four Loko, your one and only friend. Flooding your veins with a nauseating mixture of sugar, alcohol, and rat poison is the best, and only way, to start out your night.

You and Jessica have no problem destroying the Four Lokos. By the time that you finally hit the streets, the two of you are just a little disorientated — just lost enough to completely forget where Theta Apple Pi’s party house is. 

“Where the FUCK is this FACKIN house,” says Jessica who, even under the influence of three and a half cans, has a hint of fear in her voice.

You try to keep calm, but fail miserably. You make peace with your imminent demise instead.

Before you can spiral any further, a lone figure emerges from the shadows. “Holy fuckin’ shit!,” exclaims Jessica. “We’re saved — it’s Brad!” 

Great. Just the guy you wanted to see. Something seems off about him, though. 

A: Ask Brad for directions

B: Challenge Brad to a hacky sack competition to assert your dominance