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Choose Your Own Adventure: Will Brad Fuck Your Girlfriend at Fling?


Photo by Bradley Gordon / CC BY 2.0

You hack your sack for an impressive five minutes and w9 seconds. Well done. 

It’s Brad’s turn now. Although you are a true hacky sack master, Brad is a hacky sack god. His feet effortlessly tap dance across the pavement even as his sack effortlessly lobs up and down in the air. It’s been about five minutes already, and you can tell already that there’s no way Brad’s slowing down. You are a person of honor, so you watch as Brad barely breaks a sweat to beat your pathetic five minutes and 29 seconds. 

A half an hour later Brad at last lets the hacky sack rest on the ground. Brad has completely dominated you. He is the sack master now. Jessica looks on you with pity, but, when she looks over at Brad, you notice that she can’t help but bite her lip ever so slightly. 

“I’m done with you now, bitch,” says Brad, walking over and wrapping his arm around Jessica. “Go and fuck off while I go and fuck your girl.” You, a pathetic shell of a person, can only hang your head in shame as Brad leads Jessica away into the night.

Uh oh! Brad fucked your girlfriend at Fling!